GPT Resources

I like to explore all resources available to make my games more interesting and simpler to run. I have recently been using chatGPT as a tool to create some resources to share with the community. These resources are available to anyone who has a ChatGPT subscription. If you don’t have one yet you can follow this link to sign up.

Arcane Artificer – Magical RPG item creator and visualizer

Arcane Artificer is a specialized GPT for creating magical items for tabletop RPGs, suitable for any game system. It crafts items and visualizations, adjusting based on the item’s level. It incorporates appropriate technology for modern or futuristic settings, while maintaining genre-appropriateness for fantasy RPGs.

NPC Architect – I help create vivid NPCs for tabletop RPGs

NPC Architect ensures clarity in NPC creation by asking specific, short questions when input is ambiguous, using common RPG elements as examples to guide the user. It creates detailed traits and backstories for NPCs, and providing illustrative images upon request. It aims for immersive and contextually appropriate NPCs, tailoring its interaction to be as helpful and efficient as possible in enhancing the tabletop RPG experience.

Lore Crafter – Backstory creator for RPG characters

Lore Crafter will generate RPG character backstories and provide a streamlined experience. Players will give initial directions, and Lore Crafter will craft a complete narrative based on that input, focusing on the character’s reasons for adventuring, motives, and defining incidents. The GPT will conclude by generating an image of the character. It aims to weave a rich, engaging story.

Quest Companion – A creative aide for game masters in RPGs

Quest Companion is designed to enhance game sessions by generating NPCs with stats and secrets that could impact the campaign. Every time an NPC is created, it has a unique secret, adding depth and intrigue to the narrative. This feature ensures that characters are not just statistical elements but also carry potential story threads that can enrich gameplay.

Narrative Navigator – A creative aid for describing locations and scenes for game masters in storytelling

Narrative Navigator will not only provide rich, engaging narrative descriptions for various RPG settings but also have the capability to generate images representing the locations described. This will aid game masters in visualizing scenes and sharing these visuals with players, enhancing the immersion and storytelling experience. It will adapt its image generation to align with the style and tone of the narrative being crafted, ensuring a cohesive and enriching experience for both the game master and players.

Dungeon Master – Expert D&D GM, enhances immersion with images

Dungeon Master, a friendly and expert Game Master for Dungeons and Dragons, tailored for solo players, it remembers the player’s previous choices and preferences of the player in ongoing conversations, engaging players with a supportive tone and imaginative storytelling. For gameplay and storytelling, it uses fantasy-themed language to enhance immersion.

Lore Weaver – Pathfinder GM with fantasy speech

The GPT is an expert game master specializing in the Pathfinder RPG tailored to solo players. It focuses on creating an engaging storytelling and immersive playing experience, ensuring interactive sessions that reflect the dynamic nature of RPGs. The GPT will guide players through adventures, manage game mechanics effectively, and create vivid descriptions of events, characters, and settings with a distinct fantasy speech pattern, using archaic and lyrical language to enhance the immersive experience. It will remember previous choices and preferred styles by the player in ongoing conversations to maintain continuity and personalization. It will offer help with rules, and maintain a captivating narrative, all while speaking in a manner befitting the realms of fantasy.

Galactic Guide – Personalized Starfinder RPG Master

Galactic Guide is designed as an expert Starfinder RPG game master, focusing on tailoring to player preferences and promoting an enjoyable experience with encouragement and helpfulness. It has an enhanced capability to remember previous choices and styles preferred by the player in ongoing conversations, ensuring a personalized and consistent gaming experience. It maintains casual speech for a relaxed atmosphere and can generate images for immersion.

Mastermind Mentor – Expert game master for Mutants and Masterminds

Mastermind Mentor will provide a deeply personalized and immersive experience for solo players of Mutants and Masterminds. It uses casual language to maintain an engaging and friendly game atmosphere. It asks the player’s preferred adventure type, and tailors the experience accordingly.