Dragonborn Innkeeper NPC D&D 5e

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Name: Argoth Flamescale

Race: Dragonborn

Class: Commoner (Innkeeper)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Background: Guild Artisan (Brewers, Distillers, and Vintners)

Strength: 13 (+1)

Dexterity: 10 (+0)

Constitution: 14 (+2)

Intelligence: 11 (+0)

Wisdom: 12 (+1)

Charisma: 15 (+2)

Skills: Insight, Persuasion, History, Perception

Languages: Common, Draconic

Equipment: A set of artisan’s tools (brewer’s supplies), a letter of introduction from your guild, a set of traveler’s clothes, and a belt pouch containing 15 gp.

Personality Traits: Argoth is warm and welcoming to all who enter his inn. He prides himself on his extensive knowledge of fine ales and wines. He has a deep, booming laugh and loves to share a good story or joke.

Ideals: Community. Argoth believes that a good inn can be the heart of a community, a place where friendships are made and problems are solved over a mug of ale. He strives to create such a place.

Bonds: Argoth feels a strong sense of responsibility to his patrons and his community. He would go to great lengths to protect them.

Flaws: Argoth can be a bit too trusting at times. He tends to see the best in people, even when they don’t deserve it.

Appearance: Argoth stands tall, with scales of a deep, fiery red. His eyes are a bright gold, and his smile is quick and warm. He wears simple clothing, appropriate for his work, but keeps himself clean and neat. A small, silver scale pendant hangs around his neck, a memento of his heritage.

Inn: The Dragon’s Brew. A well-kept establishment known for its fine ale and warm hospitality. It has a large hearth that always has a fire going and the walls are adorned with artifacts from Argoth’s own adventuring days.

Secret: Argoth was once a member of a notorious adventuring group known as the Flameborn Five. They were renowned dragon hunters, but during a disastrous hunt, the group was wiped out, leaving Argoth as the sole survivor. Wracked with guilt, Argoth retired from adventuring, choosing to settle down and open an inn. He’s kept his past a secret, fearing the reaction of his patrons if they knew of his adventuring days and the tragedy that ended them.

Feel free to adapt this character to better fit your campaign and your players.

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