About Me

Hello and welcome to Game Masters Resource! I’m Mark, an avid tabletop RPG enthusiast with a passion for storytelling and game crafting. My journey with RPGs began way back in 1982, starting with the classic Dungeons and Dragons First Edition. Over the years, my love for these imaginative worlds has only grown, with Pathfinder Second Edition now holding a special place in my gaming heart.

With decades of experience under my belt, I’ve embarked on countless adventures, both as a player and a game master. My goal with this blog is to share the wealth of knowledge I’ve accumulated, providing tips, guides, and resources to help both new and seasoned game masters create unforgettable experiences.

When I’m not rolling dice or crafting epic narratives, I work as an accountant, where my knack for detail helps keep things balanced, both in ledgers and in game worlds. Another passion of mine is painting miniatures for RPGs, a hobby that allows me to bring characters and creatures to life in a different, yet equally rewarding, way.

Join me here at Game Masters Resource as we dive into the art of game mastering, explore fantastical worlds, and share insights to make your RPG sessions as engaging and enjoyable as possible!